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Astrology - Prenatal Development

The Prenatal Development is full of planetary conjunctions.

This period can be related to the biography.

I want to explain the Prenatal Development, using the example of Jeffrey Green, the founder of the Evolutionairy Astrology.

The Prenatal Development exists on average 9 months, which are 10 sideric laps/periods of the Moon.

The "Rule of Hermes" says: "The place of the Ascendant at Birth , is the place of the Moon at Conception".

Jeffrey Green is born on December 2, 1946, 4:52, Hollywood, California, USA.

The Ascendant of the Birth Chart of Jeffrey Green is 16:11 Scorpio.

So is the Moon at Conception: 16:11 Scorpio, on February 22, 1946,

followed by 10 sideric laps of the Moon (below)

From that point of time, February 22, 1946, 10 sideric laps of the Moon correspond with 10 periods of 7 years in the biography.

The 10 sideric laps of the Moon (on the leftside) stand next to the secundary direction = progression (in the middle) and some transits and biographical notes (at the right).

All conjunctions between planets are now being added.

In this example of Jeffrey Green I want to discuss some conjunctions with planets in different periods of his life.

Alcoholism and Vietnam

In the years 1963 Jeffrey became dependent on alcohol. One night, he was eighteen years old, he drove drunk another car, there was such a violent fight that the casualty had nearly dead.

After his subsequent arrest, Jeff Green was faced with the alternative of going to jail or volunteering for the Vietnam War. He was severely traumatized by the bestial death of his best war comrades, and was able to survive the rest of the time there only under drugs.

When Green, shortly before the evacuation from Vietnam in 1975, was to the drogen shopping in a nearby village, he met a Buddhist monk who hypnotized him during an 18-hour waiting period.

TRANSIT: 1963 transit Neptune conjunction with the Ascendant = alcoholism

TRANSIT: 1964 transit Neptune conjunction with the Ascendant = drove drunken another car.

PRENATAL: Venus/Uranus conjunction = goes to Vietnam War

PRENATAL: Mercurius/Uranus conjunction = war experiences, bestial death of his best war comrades

PRENATAL: Sun/Uranus conjunction = traumatized, bestial death of his best war comrades.

TRANSIT: 1974 transit Neptune conjunction with the Sun = meets a Buddhist monk

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Founding the Evolutionairy Astrology


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Founding the Pluto-School

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